Fawn Group

FAWN International is the pioneer in assembling and marketing Fire Fighting vehicles, supplying of portable pumps, machineries and equipment. It is established in 1980 as a single proprietorship and running very successfully with two wings: “FAWN Motors” (Spare parts supply & servicing center) and “FAWN Electronics and Engineering” (Assembling & Fabrication unit for Fire Fighting trucks) in Bangladesh.

FAWN Engineering & Electronics was qualified an ISO: 9001:2008 certification in 2015. Since then Fawn International has been serving whole of Bangladesh and also different part of the globe.

About Our Company

FAWN Engineering and Electronics mobilize the right people, skills, and  technologies to support our customers with our wide-ranging understanding and diverse business resources. 

To cope with the changing environment and meet growing demand production, assembling facilities, and a specialized engineering factory (Educational Equipment, Fire Trucks, Automobile Business, Garments, and Workshop Machinery, CNC, etc.) has been established in 2009 and 2012 respectively.


Bringing client’s success, contributing enhancing their corporate value, caring people and asset and deliver results through innovation.


We are committed to deliver high quality products and services in time to fulfill our customer’s demands

ISO Certified

Ensuring the quality, we have started its new journey in 2018 with an ISO: 9001:2015 certificates for the new section of FAWN Engineering and Electronics and still successfully running its business.

NFPA Certified

Fawn Engineering and Electronics are the member of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), which provides access to the world’s most up-to-date resources, professional development tools, and so much more.